Our Story

Duonamic started as inkling of a dream of our co-founder, Jack. After finding himself in yet another hotel without a way to workout effectively, the dream began to take shape. At first, the idea was blurry, lumpy, and vague. But its core was solid and tough. We determined that by clamping onto both sides of the door, we could create a doorway pullup bar that was small enough to take anywhere, and yet safer and more secure than anything else on the market.

It took us three and a half years to define the blurry edges of that dream. We spent that time prototyping, designing, building testing machines, 3D printing, creating mathematical models, and that just scratches the surface. We carefully and thoughtfully picked our parts vendors to ensure each piece works together perfectly not just once, but every time. It took us those years, hundreds of hours of testing, a little bit of sleep, and five major prototype revisions to discover what Eleviia really is. Now we know.


Co-Founder, Duonamic

Jack is the drive, the communicator, and an idea powerhouse. He graduated from mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto and has used his expertise to help develop Eleviia.


Co-Founder, Duonamic

Taras is a virtuoso of things mechanical, electronic, and artistic. He is a graduate of mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary and has applied his knowledge toward the creation of Eleviia.

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